The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Almost there….day 2

So there’s about 15 minutes left before the ‘iftar’ which translates as breakfast in Arabic. That’s the rime when you can break the fast. Today it happens in London at about 21.08. Mum has been cooking for about three hours now. The smell has been wafting up the stairs. I am guessing there is rice and some curry with meat. The clan have arrived. That’s my sister, her husband and their four little kiddies. Maryam the youngest munchkin is making herself heard. She doesn’t sound like she’s in a good mood. She’s only 2 but she know’s what she wants.

And even though its Ramadhan the atmosphere might be tense as my sister and I have had another ‘incident’. It was pre-Ramadhan but associated with a stressful time at home. She did what she normally does, which includes biting my head off. This time it was classy as it was done in front of my consultants at work. All they heard was a screaming woman projecting out of my iPhone straight onto the shop floor. Yep-just a little mortified. It ended up with me having to hide in the doctor’s room to recover from the embarrassment for about half an hour.

So will Ramadhan offer a chance for sibling animosity to be resolved? Will let you know. But am thinking that being hungry on top of angry might not be a great mix. As you can see I have yet to reach my spiritual high.


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