The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Day 1 It’s started

So the anticipated start of Ramadhan 2012 has begun. Day 1 is over. The fast broke at 21.07-that’s about 18 hours of fasting.

Some are apprehensive about the length of time. I am. It’s more about missing the tea and coffee more than food. But everyone is positive about it. Most see it as a time to make up for things gone wrong spiritually, or a time to refresh those religion based batteries.

I can’t help but think of it as a time to go hungry! And get a headache. And that funny fuzzy head when I can’t  concentrate. That’s what happens physically. But spiritually-sometimes it feels as it should and sometimes it’s an endurance test. It depends on where I am and with whom. I want to be honest about it. I see it as a challenge and one that I am more than  happy to accept.

About 30 years ago around this time of year, I did my first ever fast. I was 11. I remember it so well. I had been bugging my parents to let me fast and then one day they did. I remember also watching for the clock for it to get to 9 o clock – it seemed to move so slow. And then when it did come I got a special dinner all for me-some lamb kind of pot roast and chips. It was such amazing food to eat after my first ever day of fasting, of going hungry that I can still remember it today.

There were only three of us at that time-the younger three siblings had not yet arrived. So me and my brother and sister settled to watch Alien 1 for the first time. I still can remember the shock at seeing that creature burst out of that poor man’s stomach. My mum’s pot roast lamb now is associated with that scene even after all those years.

Bringing us up to 2012-I kind of lay around today. I wrote one effort-far more funnier and much more hungrier before I had broken my fast but the blog gremlins took it away and I cant get it back. This laptop has slowly driven me insane-so much for Apple sorting my life out. There has been a delay in me getting back to Stratford Apple Store after the eyebrow raising encounter with the ‘genius’ who told me there was nothing wrong with my laptop. Grrrrrrr. So the TimeMachine doesn’t work, my photos from Libya are scrambled and I have to run to the little computer shop on the corner if I ever want to attach any documents on my emails. My £1000 worth laptop is not able to do it. And Mr ‘Genius’ from the Genius Team  has the audacity to tell me there is nothing wrong with my laptop. He then went on to tell me he was not arguing with me. By this point I think I looked a bit dangerous. If he were to come to my place of work and I was to ignore his list of symptoms and tell him nothing was wrong with him he’d be writing to the Evening Standard. So until I can be bothered to cope with unhelpful comments from the unsupportive support team – I will just cope. But that means loosing copy and banging my head against the wall. I am going to learn how to be patient this Ramadhan-and then when I am feeling saintly and composed I will go back to the Apple store and smile as I thrust my ill laptop into their care, with little confidence they’ll fix it. I am writing from experience.

It’s late and nearly time to stop eating and drinking – soon last slug of water and then am off to sleep.

See you later on fast day 2.

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