The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Hello New Zealand!

I have had readers from New Zealand today. Thrilled. It’s a country I have always wanted to visit – ever since I watched the children’s series ‘Children of Fire Top Mountain’. I was hooked. Not quite made it to the region yet but insha’Allah ( God Willing) one day!

I had to laugh a bit yesterday watching BBC London News. There was an item about the weather and our current heatwave. Obviously it was tied in with the Olympics and the fast approaching Opening Ceremony. The news team were speaking to members of the public enjoying the afternoon sun, sitting in a London park.

One Londoner stated ‘We’ve got our prayer mats out for sun on Friday.’ His physical appearance didn’t suggest he was a Muslim. It’s getting a bit like food-you know how a couple of Britain’s top meals are imported-Chineese and Curry? Well it appears that spiritual reliance and wishful thinking are also.

So now everyone is using prayer mats! I though it was just us Muslim types. But then again I’ve seen some used as wall hangings and rugs in all sorts of places.

Made me giggle anyway. Hope the rain stays away for all you lucky buggers that got tickets for the opening ceremony!

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