The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Above All Else I’m A Filmmaker…

…And that is why I have to share this link to production company Aconite Films, run by a friend from my time in Scotland Aimara Reques. Her energy and passion for film was so inspiring from the first time I ever saw her pitch a dynamic, colourful trailer at the Edinburgh Film festival’s pitching workshop. It was her demonstration of how a pitch should be that has guided me in all my attempts to make it into the pitching platforms.

Aimara has just produced a one hour documentary for BBC 2 called My Lives and Times – about a recovering drug addict, Garry Fraser, who has chosen to clean up and has become a filmmaker. It’s totally inspiring and has Aimara’s stamp all over it.

Aconite Productions Rock!

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