The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

I am in the Olympic City

Oh wow. How cool. A fifteen minute train ride from home-and not even having to get into the Underground – bonus- and I am in the Olympic zone.
I just needed to get to Stratford to the Apple store. My MacBook is ill.
The train was not busy and I got a seat. The only unusual sight was that of a Romanian wedding party on the train complete with bride. They got off at Stratford and disappears into the underground on the central line.
Arriving at Westfield was surreal. Smiling policemen at Stratford station is very rare believe me.

Crowds were manageable. I saw members of the Cote D’Ivor team in their matching track suits.
I saw Barbados and Eritrea. People with all kinds of sweatshirts and T shirts from everywhere. It feels like the world has come to my back garden! So weird.
Tourists in London are not unusual at all. But I keep grinning to myself and am still a wee bit confused when I see tourists and international
athletes arriving here in Stratford. No one would ever have a reason to come to Stratford before but now that has all changed!

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