The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Yep it was a tough one today

Today – what a day. Thought it would never end. As I ploughed through the list of patients I just wanted a coffee – the way I normally have it – hidden discretely in the stationary cupboard in Minors within A&E so matron doesn’t see it when she does her walk around. We may be the doctors but matron still rules and we still scamper like naughty school kids caught out when she comes onto the shop floor.

I realised that although I wasn’t particularly thirsty or hungry – it was more the habit of ‘going for a coffee’ or taking a sip in between patients to signify the end of one case and starting a new one. Thank goodness I don’t smoke. How on earth do they cope – Ramadhan is as much about fasting as it is about habit breaking. Nearly half way through – and I am flagging. But on the positive side – I am being forced to slow down. It is difficult and I am getting rather vexed by not being able to do about three things at once but I suppose one month a year to ease the pace a bit is no bad thing!

I am back in A&E tomorrow and hope that my mind is stronger than my distracting cravings. They are really annoying.

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