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Defrosting freezer equals eating frenzy

Ok so what is about the most inconvenient thing that can happen when you are a single girl, fasting in London. It’s discovering your freezer has decided to defrost itself and all your food is about to go off unless you cook it RIGHT NOW. That means trying to eat about six things – because you won’t be able to eat them tomorrow as you’ll be fasting. So I have a strange concoction of food to cook – it’s  going to be a meat fest.

I made shorba!

Oh my goodness it was amazing. Maybe it was because I was starving that it tasted so good!  Aha – an instant way to gain a reputation as a good cook – make sure everyone has fasted for at least 12 hours – devoid of water, tea, coffee and any food. Then present your attempt of cooking and I am sure you will be deemed a success. 

So my shorba was made with lamb, some onions, some paprika  which caused a bit of a dilemma. I was not entirely sure if it was paprika or red chilli powder – it had the potential to go horribly wrong. It was a bit like have to decide whether to cut the red or the blue wire when you are the on-shift bomb disposal person. If you get it wrong – boom! well my red chilli versus paprika mix up had the potential to do the same. And the added anguish was that I was fasting so couldn’t pop a sprinkle on the tongue for that 5 second test where if you get it wrong you know about it and can douce the flames with water. 

My favourite spice ras -al hanout was thrown in as was some rather old looking garlic – then some of that grain stuff – foreek I think it’s called in Algerian and that heavenly freshly chopped coriander and there we were. Delish! 

Now it’s about that time again when I can break my fast. No such extravagance tonight – it’s tuna pasta!

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