The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Trying not to argue when the computor says no

946431_10151711158820309_1237800978_nI just popped onto the Channel 4 page 4Ramadhan to see what was going on there. I saw this and I thought it was a real good outline of what is on and what is not during Ramadhan. I think the 4Ramadhan coverage has actually been really spot on. I mean I was never a big one for watching things like Islam Channel – my mum is however a massive fan and they have done some great stuff – and their productions look really quite swish now. But I just am a bit of a mainstream kind of girl and find it hard to deviate from the main terrestrial content. I always feel slightly unworthy when I go to places like ‘Islam Channel’ and maybe checking out the Channel 4 website on Ramadhan is a little less guilt invoking. Not a Catholic no – but still can have that in-built guilt thing going on.

Here is the link:

But the basic list of do’s are:

Give charity and help the poor

Make lots of dua (supplication)

Recite and learn the Quran

Pray all 5 daily prayers and on time

Focus on doing something positive

The don’ts:

No eating and drinking while fastin

No smoking

No swearing or lying

No arguing and fighting

No physical intimacy

And so there we have it – at least for these remaining 17 days I am going to try to do do’s and attempt to avoid the don’ts. Smoking is not an issue – don’t touch the nasty little cancer laden sticks. I don’t tend to swear much. The arguing bit might be a problem – especially at work when the radiographers are being a bit special about certain scans. Ok for those in the know – intubated patient who has just had a cardiac arrest – can I have a CTPA asap to see if he has had a PE? Computor says no (yep she was exactly like that -same tone of voice etc). Why not? She replies – he needs a d-dimer. But he is intubated and has just died and we got his heart going again – the bloods have been sent off and might take half an hour at least – and we need to rebleed for the d-dimer anyway. Seriously do we have to wait? So how do we do that? His well-score is going to be above 1 anyway – it will be high. So he needs a d-dimer she says again. And what about the rule that the lab won’t do d-dimers if the wellscore is above 1 – and quite high? AND HE IS INTUBATED AND HIS HEART STOPPED AND WE GOT HIM BACK AND WE NEED TO KNOW WHY SO WE CAN TREAT!!!! I get accused of being aggressive. I think gobsmacked, eye-blinking speech stuttering gob-smacked with incredulous disbelief is more accurate.

So trying not to argue at that is difficult.

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