The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

Michael says

So for day 4 of the fast I am going to try Dr Michael Mosley’s suggestion for food I should eat for breakfast.

He suggested protein and lots of water – so I have gone for eggs a couple of pieces of toast and a lots of water. I didn’t do that last night and felt a bit useless today so I am trying this for my next fast. I am filming for a BBC program so need to be upright, awake and coherent whilst fasting!

Let’s see if the ‘Michael’ method works!!! Right now I am swishing with water.

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2 thoughts on “Michael says

  1. Hi Sal,
    I’d second the recommendation to eat more protein to help with your fast.

    You might also want to look in to ‘metabolic flexibility’. Chronic elevated carbohydrate consumption can impair your fat-burning ability (particularly in the absence of appropriate exercise). Once met-flex is regained then you hunger should be much less of a problem as you can easily switch over to using the body’s fat stores to keep you going between meals.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hey C – thanks for that. I am sending you some questions in the next day or so. Be great to get your input on this – the fasting state is turning out to be quite interesting.

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