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Fasting in London and beyond

D21 – The Brexit Nightmare Just Got Much More Real

8am – Forget it. Didn’t even notice it happened.

10.30 am – Wake up and potter about. I’m heading to my parent’s home to look after mum this afternoon. It’s the EU election count tonight and I’m invited to County Hall for the results but I don’t think I’ll make it. It’s a pretty historic night but my mum is my priority today. I can watch the results on the tele later and shout and tweet and write.

2pm – Drive to my parents and have a chat with Pierre Kirk – the leader of the UKEU Party – who also happens to be the cousin of Hollywood actor Kevin Klein and also happens to be a French count. He is descended from two early US presidents and the founding fathers. He also has a relative who fought the Nazis in WW2 and was honoured for his role. Pierre has fighting fascism in his blood.

I spend the day pottering around at my parent’s home and spending time with mum and dad. It is just an incredible blessing to have them at home and with us. They have suffered so much ill-health over the last 2 years and the periods of time of being well enough to enjoy life have been very limited. I didn’t even know if we would have them for this Ramadan. I thank God for his mercy in hearing my prayers for their health and stability. Watching them suffer and not being able to ease their suffering was crippling, unbearable and made me feel helpless even though I am myself a doctor. So many wobbly knee moments.

9.04pm – Break my fast at home with my sister Saima, my brother Shoaib and my parents. My dad’s spicy but totally delicious fish curry and rice. It is so good. I leave when Safiya get’s home. I leave things tidy and sorted so hopefully she can chill with the pizza’s she’s ordered whilst she watches Thor with our niece and nephew. She’s been to Swansea today to do medicals for a boxing match – it’s her thing.

The vote count in County Hall has begun but it’s too late to get there. So I head home.

I get home and make it to the mosque for Isha prayer but husband isn’t feel well enough for the taraweh prayer.

I am writing this watching the EU election results come in. I’m pretty stilted with my writing because my jaw keeps hitting the floor. The Brexit Party is winning across regions. What is going on in this country? However if you look at the results and add up all the ‘Remain Parties’ – those parties with a remain focus – we would have won. Across the board. But sadly there was no such alliance. I’m getting annoyed by party leaders saying – if you count up all the remain party votes – it was a remain win. No it wasn’t! You lost because you would not all come together – as Vince Cable tried to make happen right at the start of the entire election campaign.  It was pathetic. I stood for the UKEU Party but I would have wanted an alliance. Come together with the common goal and focus to defeat Brexit. But the parties could not come together to make it happen. So how much did they really want to stop this madness?

Farage has won in the South East along with a number of other Brexit MEPs. Anne Widecombe in the South West. Jacob-Rees Mogg’s sister (can’t be bothered to look up how to spell the name right now as I’ve got one eye on the tele)  has also won. NF has spoken about the general election to come if the UK has not left the EU by 31 Oct. Imagine that. Imagine a time when the Brexit Party may even be considered contenders under NF in a general election. Or imagine a coalition/pact/alliance between the Tories and NF. All of it is possible. These are the times when the unimaginable are happening.

Marine Le Pen has narrowly won in France – good grief, and she wants Macron to dissolve parliament. In my imagination, I picture him laughing when he heard that. The far right party in Germany AfD has even won seats.

What is going on? Why this stampede back to uglier times? Is anyone else concerned about the direction of travel across the UK, across the EU and even globally?

The only hope that is coming out of tonight is Scotland’s very pro – remain wins. I am more certain than ever that I am moving back to Scotland. I am looking for jobs north of the border. And such a win, analysts are already saying could reinforce an independence referendum call.

To coin a phrase from Dad’s Army – a reminder of cosier television viewing…’We’re doomed.’

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