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Day 2

A very lazy day today. But I am making myself feel less guilty about things because its Saturday. I have been working 6 days flat of 11 hour shifts in Queens Hospital Emergency Department so I am attributing my almost full day on-line to that. Catching up. But sitting for huge periods is alien to me and I am becoming a bit uncomfortable at the rear.

Well here I sit listening to radio 4 and the news is all about the fierce fighting in Syria. It looks like it’s coming to a head. The intensity seems huge. I wish I was there with them. The plan had always been to get my Libya film finished and then work to getting out there. Hasn’t quite worked out. Fasting in Tataouine last year was that much more poignant.

I have got a shed load of admin to do and must get on with it.

I know I have to give a whole host of time to prayer and reflection during this month to make sure I get the maximum out of this spiritual experience but in truth I always need to acclimatise to the lack of tea and coffee over the first couple of days.

Mum is not fasting because of her diabetes. She has such erratic blood sugars there’s no way she would be able to cope with the length without going into a hypo. My dad is doing fine despite his weird asthma, ischaemic heart disease and  constant back pain.

I can smell the cooking from up here-something with curry I think and rice. It’s amazing how sharp your senses become when you haven’t eaten all day.

I am contemplating going to the gym. My sister managed it yesterday and she says that the lean, mean fighting machines at the Lion’s Den Gym in big bad Essex are still working out even though they are fasting. Khaled our local hero mixed martial arts monster is working out as before.

So I need to stop feeling pathetic and get off my backside. It’s time for the mid afternoon prayer anyway.

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