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What not to do during taraweer prayers

What not to do during tarawer prayers

Oh so funny and oh so true

So what are Tarawer prayers? Well some of you may know that Muslims are obliged to pray five times a day. Kind of takes about 5-10 mins out of the daily grind to break away and connect with the spiritual. You have a before sunrise prayer, a middle of the day prayer, one in the mid afternoon, one at sunset and one after sunset. Then you get the extras. In Ramadhan, the Arabic name for the month when Muslims fast there are a further set of prayers that are performed. They are normally done as congregational prayers and vary in length. Prayers are broken down into sets of twos. Each prayer has a different set of ‘twos’ to perform. The Tarawer prayers are not known to be compulsory but are highly recommended to perform and most people do perform them, especially if they have been fasting.

Now there are disputes about how many should be performed – is it 4 sets of 2 or 10 sets? I go with the flow. And if I feel I am going to keel over then I stop earlier. There’s not much praying going on at that point-only a focus to keep upright.

If you want to know more-here’s a link.

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The Ramadhan Diaries

Fasting in London and beyond

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