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Chemical Weapons in Syria

Chemical Weapons in Syria

So remember that war we had about ten years ago, where they were looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? We were told by Tony Blair PM at the time himself that they existed and the only way we could be safe would be to invade Iraq.

Well looks like he was partially right in that the weapons did exist-it was the location they got wrong-it was never Iraq. I think by now we can say that was possibly known even before the hapless Hans Blix was despatched to look for them. The weapons weren’t a figment of TB’s imagination (unfortunate set of initials used in this instance for brevity but not to be confused with the medical abbreviation for the disease tuberculosis). They’ve turned up in Syria! So what happens now? I mean the Syrian regime have promised not to use them on their own people but they will use them on external forces. Is that a threat?

And if chemical weapons are released, the particles, the vapours, the toxic fumes causing death and disability by the most awful of means are indiscriminate. They’ll affect everyone. The chances are the armed forces they are supposedly targeted at would be wearing respirators and chemical and biological protective clothing. The civilians won’t be.

And the irony can hardly be missed as we also learn that things have gotten so bad in Syria that the people are actually fleeing to Iraq for refuge.

President Obama’s Ramadhan message

President Obama’s Ramadhan message

President Obama links in the Arab Spring into the Ramadhan message. Quite true that Libya is now experiencing its first Ramadhan -free from a dictatorship, Syria is still fighting its way out of one and Egypt’s Muslims’ fast with their first democratically elected president in place for years.

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